Past Shows

The Preview, A group show featuring some remarkable talent, and a "preview" of what to expect from our gallery, February 2010
Lost And Found, A group show featuring all recycled materials, May 2010
The Art Of Illusion, A group show featuring works that trick the eye, April 2010
The Realms Of The Oceans, A group show and fundraiser for the BP Gulf Restoration Fund, aiming  to remind the viewer  of the beauty our oceans hold, and why they're worth protecting, July 2010
 A Place Of Her Own, A group show presented at Driftwood Salon by  AAWAA (Asian American Women Artist Association), September, 2010
We've Come A Long Way, A group show highlighting the different ethnicities across the US in protest to Arizona's new immigration law, October, 2010
The Power Of Percetion, A group show aiming to remind the viewer that we are the sole creators of our reality,  and our experience here by power of how we perceive things, November, 2010
Coming Into View, A group show featuring 16 emerging artists to keep an eye out for, all from the Bay Area, Jan 2011
Memory/Imagination, Solo Exhibit By Oil Painter Alexander Schaffer Czech, and Driftwood's One Year Anniversary, February, 2011
Celebracion De Mis Raices, Solo Exhibit By Sculptor Martin Zuniga,  March, 2011
Mechanical Eyes, A Group photography Show, April, 2011
Citizen Garcia, Solo exhibit featuring the works of neo abtract painter Carly Ivan Garcia, May, 2011
I Love SF, a group show honoring San Francsico's 155th year of being an official city! June 2011
NINE ELEVEN REALISM, a group show honoring the heros of September 11th, 2001. Septemper 2011
T.W. CHUI: A 35 Year Retrospective, featuring the paintings and drawings of T.W. Chui, October 2011
Emerging Artists 2012Jan 6th- Feb18th 2012
Breaking Time, March/April 2012
Organica: You Are What You Eat, May/June 2012
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Board Art Benefit By Surfaid International June 2012